Walk Ease St. Louis, LLC


Walk n' play

The 15 Minute Potty Break is helpful in potty training situations or with senior dogs or pets with limited mobility, only available in


The 30 Minute Walk N' Play allows for a nice stroll around the neighborhood, play time, meal time (if needed) and water refresh. $18 each

The 60 Minute Walk N' Play allows for an adventure at a local park, plenty of play time, meal time (if needed) and water refresh. $28 each

Pet Sitting at your place

If you prefer to leave your pets in their home environment and have the security of someone staying with them, Walk Ease St. Louis offers pet sitting in your home.  Includes mail pick up, watering plants, indoor blinds/ light rotation, etc.  Overnight stays must be scheduled at east 2weeks in advance.   Rate is $65 per 10 hour period (this can be broken up into one 2 hour visit with an 8 hour overnight or  a 10 hour overnight), other options may be discussed during your meet n' greet which is always complimentary.


30 minute visit for $17 each, includes feeding and water refresh, litter clean up and lots of playtime


Michelle has experience with all creatures finned, furred and feathered.  All 30 minute visits are $18.  Multiple critters and care of separate enclosures may require an additional fee


Walk Ease St Louis provides updates and pictures via text or email (client preference).  Michelle has also been known to use dog and cat friendly "props" so don't be surprised if you get a picture with your cat in a wig or your dog sporting some sort of silly hat or other accessories!!

If you're curious, just visit Walk Ease St. Louis on Facebook or @walkeasestl on Instagram

For your convenience Walk Ease St. Louis is now using Venmo to accept payments



Holly Hills, Southtown, Tower Grove, Shaw, Botanical Heights, Southwest Garden, The Hill,  Lindenwood Park, Clifton Heights, St. Louis Hills, Boulevard Heights, Compton Heights, Northampton, Dogtown.  

Additional fees will apply for areas outside of listed neighborhoods.  Please leave the area in which you live in your message










30-Minute walk n' play

In addition to a potty break, I'll walk your pet and play with your furry friend for half an hour. 





Just like the 30-minute except this allows for playtime at the park, a nice stroll or just lots of one on one attention and cuddles.



About Walk Ease

Michelle Mendel started Walk Ease St. Louis as a way to blend her passions for pet care and customer service. After 20+ years in retail management, Michelle left the industry and opened Walk Ease St. Louis to focus full time on fulfilling the many pet care needs throughout St. Louis City.

To say Walk Ease loves animals is an understatement. Michelle is often described as passionate, caring, dynamic, and fun – and her own pet as well as many repeat clients would agree.

Michelle is at ease with all types of 4-legged creatures, whether they are furred, finned for feathered, she has experience with them all.  Pets are family, and nothing less.

She regularly volunteers at the Animal Protective Association (APA) and the Bi-State Pet Food Pantry. 

To contact Michelle, call/text (314) 368-0482.




Complete the inquiry form below and let me know about your dog, cat or other pet. Or you can call or text me for more information at (314)  368-0482.