About Walk Ease

Michelle Mendel started Walk Ease St. Louis as a way to blend her passions for pet care and customer service. After 20+ years in retail management, Michelle left the industry and opened Walk Ease St. Louis to focus full time on fulfilling the many pet care needs throughout St. Louis City.

To say Walk Ease loves animals is an understatement. Michelle is often described as passionate, caring, dynamic, and fun – and her own pet as well as many repeat clients would agree.

Michelle is at ease with all types of 4-legged creatures, whether they are furred, finned for feathered, she has experience with them all.  Pets are family, and nothing less.

She regularly volunteers at the Animal Protective Association (APA) and the Bi-State Pet Food Pantry. 

To contact Michelle, call/text (314) 368-0482.